Choosing a Massage Therapist

Massage therapy spans a wide variety of therapeutic approaches, working to improve an individual’s health and well-being through the hands-on manipulation of muscles and other soft tissues of the body. Doctors are increasingly recommending it to their patients for stress relief.

Additionally, it is being used as part of treatment programs for many medical conditions, including chronic pain. Many businesses are now seeing its potential to boost worker productivity, help morale, and decrease the number of days that employees miss work.

When you are seeking the services of a reputable Massage Therapist, you should ask the following simple questions.

Does the Massage Therapist:
  • Have qualifications in massage and is affiliated with a recognized association?
  • Hold a Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance policy?
  • Receive regular massage themselves and participate in postgraduate study?
  • Offer you a massage suitable to your needs?

If the answer to each of these questions is ‘yes’, then you are on the right track to receiving a quality massage from an experienced, reputable Massage Therapist.