Smiling at obstacles means we know that we’re bigger than the problems facing us, because we know we will learn and become stronger and wiser through solving them.

While it’s important to decide to do something, focused action is the only way to get results. When we bring our whole heart to a problem or challenge, it is easier to solve, and we just might have fun along the way. This does not mean that our will is the be-all and end-all of any given situation, or that our will can get us anything we want. The ability to understand where you are, look at where you exactly want to go, create a plan to get there and then work the plan for all you are worth brings incredible rewards.

Most of the time, we cringe, avoid and complain instead. Unfortunately, none of that solves a problem. Often, problems just get worse.

Instead of complaining about challenges, we can see them as gifts.

The gift is what we will learn through solving the problems and facing the challenges.

Problems and challenges can either define you or refine you. When you embrace them, you are refined